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It is so common and so destructive – and by the time teens reach high school, there’s not much you can do to shield them from it.

My children are at increased risk because my father and grandfather both suffered from alcoholism.

It is clearly written and the graphics are, to put it simply, gorgeous. Cut out 3-inch diameter circles and spoon ½ teaspoon preserves or any other filling onto the middle.

According to Simnegar – the daughter of "anusim" or Crypto Jews who was born in Caracas, not Iran -- Esther in Farsi means “beautiful” (as the morning star). Gradually add the flour until a dough with smooth consistency is achieved. Pinch at the corners with wet fingers, sealing very well. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes until the bottom is golden.

Purim is one of the most entertaining Jewish holidays and has a carnival-like atmosphere, with people dressing up in costumes and letting loose. But Esther, the king’s wife and queen, along with her cousin Mordechai confronted the king to stop Haman’s evil plan.

This year, Purim begins on the evening of March 23rd and ends on the evening of March 24th. The story ends with Haman’s death and the Jewish people being saved.

While the most traditional filling is poppy seed, they can be made with a variety of fillings including prunes, nuts, apricots, dates, halva, fruit preserves, chocolate, and even funfetti!

Except kids hand out treats instead of receiving them.

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