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Soon after the Mexican Revolution on 1914, the Sanitary Council restricted the import of opiates and cocaine in Mexican ports.The Sanitary Council gained policy-making power under the new constitution on 1917.

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Clearly we are not winning the war, have lost millions of lives, wasted billions of dollars, and still do not have a reason to believe it will not keep getting worse over time.

Why can’t Washington reconsider its strict drug policies?

In Mexico, articles 842 and 843 of the Federal Sanitary Code of 1871 condemned those who produced poisonous or illegal substances for sale without authorization, or to the public, with fines and jailing.

(Campos, 384) Marijuana was banned in Mexico City on 1869, followed by the state of Oaxaca, and the rest that slowly followed.

Many years have passed since these instances of direct, brutal, and no longer excusable actions have taken place, but the feeling of U.

S dominance and control over many Latin American nations is still alive, if not directly through a military invasion like their past trend, but through economic influence.

The correlation between drugs and prisons, tyranny, and degeneration, made drugs seem like a threat to Mexico’s national security.

After localized restrictions on dangerous substances, degeneration justified a more aggressive approach to drugs on the national level.

United States’ involvement in Latin American affairs goes far back since the implementation of the Monroe Doctrine on 1823, which expanded the U.

S’ sphere of influence into Latin America, by preventing European intervention in the newly independent nations.


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