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For example, if you choose to include substantial attention to a film's form/techniques, please review and keep in view the following: in your prior sequence analysis essay, your essay aimed to understand how a sequence makes sense—how a sequence of shots has and creates meaning—including (and because of) its relation to other significant parts of the film, as the film’s narrative story and plot unfold and arguably either cohere or work in contradiction to enact meaning.

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• As with the prior assignment, keep in mind (in view) your prior reading and the resources available via PDFs and video clips in the course website and Bblearn folders, including the many analyses of films.

As I mentioned in class, with students’ permission I have placed examples of strong Shot Analysis Charts and Sequence Analysis Essays in the Bblearn folder for that prior assignment, for your review, and I will also include several additional critical essays by students in Engl 230 for further examples, as already mentioned above.

, as described above, is for your analysis to foreground the film's narrative--its plot and story, with characters' relationships and conflicts within its cultural/historical setting, including ideology or implicit debate over values and perspectives and actions/ethics--and include some recognition and support for your analysis with attention to the film's cinematic techniques, but those techniques are not your main focus for discussion.

This assignment can be very much like the Sequence Analysis Plus Essay and builds upon the “scaffolded” sequence of our film studies over the course of this semester.

-You may find it helpful to read/review several examples of student essays that were written for shot and sequence analysis assignments and critical essay assignments in Engl 230--though these assignments differ somewhat from your assignment, these examples provide some instances of how other students have analyzed films productively.

See the folder in Bblearn on writing advice and examples of student writing. (CAPS or “quotation marks” are incorrect.) • Give your paper a title that reflects your argument about the sequence.• Put your name near the top left of the first page, followed by Engl 222.01 and the date on separate lines • Spell check and proof read your paper.• Works Cited page, see guidance on MLA format at Purdue's OWL site List films by their title.: -Avoid plot summary and extended visual description.Aim instead to analyze how specific cinematic techniques function to underscore the film’s themes and ideas.For example, in the film Frozen River (2008), what challenges do differences (of age, ethnicity/culture, or ?) pose to the two primary women characters' relationship, and what commonalities or compromises/exchanges enable these women to work together, perhaps to begin to understand one another, and to bond ?I expect that your essay will be strengthened by some consulation/research, for example, by taking advantage of essays (such as the examples of students' critical essays on Two Days, One Night, on Her, and on other films) and other materials included not only in our main film history text but also in folders in Bblearn.write about the same film (or even same director) that you analyzed for the prior Sequence Analysis Plus essay, or the same films that you wrote about in your midterm exam. With whom do we identify, or is 'identification' frustrated or undermined or used to challenge our assumptions and values? What are the roles and relationships between characters who appear to be aligned with dominant cultural politics and ideologies, and as these characters are juxtaposed or connected to characters in subordinate or marginalized positions and identities? What story and plot and action and performances are these characters embedded and embodied within?Ask yourself the same kinds of questions that prompted and informed your Sequence Analysis Plus Essay. Your essay will most likely be strongest if you include some close cinematic analysis of one or more shot sequences, as you did in the prior sequence analysis essay.For instance, does a particular color or lighting scheme dominate? While some brief (plot) summary may be helpful, plan to avoid or minimize bare description If you select a film that we have studied in class, your analysis must go significantly beyond or take a different perspective on what we have studied in depth in class, and the same restrictions apply to films for which there are sample student essays, such as on .


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