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The classic bildungsroman of the Industrial Revolution, by Charles Dickens, explores poverty and class.The book is an accurate portrayal of the plight of the extremely poor.This novel attempts to raise awareness about the lives of London’s forgotten citizens (Priley).

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Transitions from hand-powered to steam-powered, from boats to trains, and from the countryside to cities occurred (Montagna).

In England and the United States, these industrial advancements greatly impacted the lives of many children.

Children from lower-class families, however, generally joined the workforce.

The Industrial Revolution, generally defined as the time between 1760 to 1850, was the period in which Europe and the United States transitioned to a more industrial way of life.

Though it had previously existed, child labor during the industrial revolution was harsh and widespread (Mintz 136).

Mothers would sometimes get jobs in order to spare their children.

Being a domestic servant was the most common occupation for girls (Horn 12).

Middle-class families had a sharp growth in income, allowing the use of more hired help.

At the age of nine, he is transferred to a workhouse.

His work is performed under harsh conditions with little oversight.


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