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If you aren’t confident about your grammar, then make use of proofreading tools such as Grammarly and Ginger.Even native English-speaking students and professionals use such software to double check their work and fix mistakes they miss while re-reading.

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You can never be too sure; rechecking can save you from a lot of embarrassing mistakes.

You can also ask your friends to take a look at your work and point out things that need fixing.

(That’s where habitual reading is of such value.) Fancy words you may find in the dictionary will have no use until you understand their context within a sentence, so be sure you understand the context in which you’re using a particular word before you use it in your essay.

Read your essay over again and again as you look for obvious grammar, punctuation and formatting mistakes.

As you read, make a list of words that you find intriguing or confusing.

When you don’t know the meaning of a word, write that word down.

Now your reader will know where this essay will take him.

Longer essays may include side-by-side arguments regarding the topic and then explore them thoroughly in the body of the essay.

As much as developing your “voice” and composition skills, reading widely and frequently will help you explore different writing styles.

That will lead to your own contextual learning --- inferring the meaning of words through the context of the essay elements of vocabulary, sentence structure, and essay organization.


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