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It’s fascinating to witness the slow ‘domestication’ of (supposedly) feral kids, brought up with limited or no access to human world; nurtured by nature.

It’s fascinating to witness the slow ‘domestication’ of (supposedly) feral kids, brought up with limited or no access to human world; nurtured by nature.

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Rather than turn the film into a pleasing narrative of a once-famous historical character, Herzog offers an assortment of human behavior – ranging between genial and ghastly – to illuminate the enigma and mystery surrounding the entire human condition.

Kaspar’s blank-faced vulnerability simply brings more profundity to Herzog’s philosophical inquiry (the aesthetics, however, are more stylized than Truffaut’s Wild Child).

While Victor slowly learned to show moral judgment and sympathy for others, he didn’t entirely learn to speak, read and write.

Beautifully filmed in black-and-white by the great Nestor Almendros, Truffaut directed the story with humane clarity that’s free from melodrama and sentimentality. Itard and in the role of Victor he casted Jean-Pierre Cargol, a 12-year-old non-actor who doesn’t really act but deeply embodies the perspective of Victor.

Kaspar learns a little of human moral values when he is placed under the care of a serene family and later also gets to experience the cruel side when the townsfolk enters him into a freak-show.

He is later adopted by a kind & wealthy professor named Daumer.Both these works has had numerous sequels and cinematic incarnations (Jungle Book and Tarzan has recently had a live-action remake).While these stories continue to fascinate children and the child within us, the romanticism promoted by the idea of ‘Noble Savage’ has gradually lost its sheen in the 20 century.As expected, it was a considerably Hollywoodized product with some top-notch performances.Samira Makhmalbaf’s intriguing docu-drama Sib (‘The Apple’, 1998), however, presented the deliberately imposed isolation of two little Iranian girls in an artful manner.There was also due attention given to stories of ‘feral’ children within European soil itself, which was often alluded to parental abandonment and other combination of social factors.The cinematic versions of such real-life stories were far removed from the jubilant mood designed by Kipling and Burroughs.There were debates and social experiments speculating on the nature of human in the absence of various constraints, imposed by society, culture, and language.The despotism perpetrated by white colonials of the era made cultural critics and literary circles (hailing from the same white populace) to find a sort of romanticism in the arbitrary yet harmonious lives of indigenous people.Here, a young mother raises her two half-human half-wolf children after the death of their werewolf father).Jodie Foster brilliantly played a young hermit woman in Nell (1994), who is brought up in a remote mountainside cabin by her mother. He discovers Nell long after the death of her mother.


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