Essay Human Rights Act 1998

Giving an antibiotic with needle for instance or using medications with non-side effects.Justice, in the health care context is to treat people fairly, the obligation to treat cases in like manner.

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This includes all forms of act and bringing it down good can be a result of x or emissions.

That is things you do or things that consciously choose not to do. An important aspect of beneficence is that many occasions it transcends the limitations of non-maleficence.

The reality is decisions have to be made by allocating primacy to one or more of the principles over others.

Nursing is not just principles; three other ethical aspects of the profession are evident.

These are the relationships between the nurse and the service users and their family, other health professionals and the general public.

The two broad philosophical theories are consequentialism and deontology.Public authorities have no right to take off a person's life except in manipulated conditions, such as legally protecting someone from violence.Inhuman treatment is the treatment causing severe physical or mental harm.For example do not kills or harm anyone, do not tell lies etc.The four key ethical principles are Autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice (Beauchamp & Childress,2001).Non-maleficence is the obligation not to harm or injure others.Sometimes it is necessary to harm someone to achieve a beneficent outcome.Ensure degrading treatment is avoided at all times.Give staff the chance to have a fair trial and on the balance of probability, they are innocent until proven guilty.These are virtue ethics, an ethic of care, narrative ethics.Professionalism is a set of tasks, activities and nurse duties which carried out by the nurse, person’s health must be their first priority at any time.


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