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Yet as we enjoy reading Montaigne who lived half millennium ago, we may need to read about Communism in another half millennium.Some human creations are as lasting as human nature itself: they are part of the social genome.This alone could be a starting point for a discussion: how can one be independent and at the same time adhere to common sense if common sense is the way of faceless crowds?

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I proudly call myself an amphibian in a metaphorical rather than biological sense.

Equipped with both scientific gills and humanitarian lungs (which a true amphibian can never have at the same time but only at different stages), I felt comfortable in both sciences and humanities, the price being the lack of any profound and extensive knowledge of both, as well as the lack of any significant personal, social, or professional achievements.

I still remember my ride in a taxicab somewhere around 1940 as an exciting adventure.

When my mother and I returned to my native city in 1944, after it had been freed from the Nazis, a horse cart carried our baggage from the railway station.

One of my first books ever, at the age of eight or nine, was a Russian Geographical Yearbook (something like National Geographic) with several illustrated reports about America of the mid-30s.

Essay Of Experience Montaigne

With time my interests expanded over many subjects well beyond my chemical profession, covering art, natural sciences, philosophy, history, and sociology.I wept when Stalin died in 1953, but thirty years later I was arrested and put into a labor camp for anti-Soviet behavior.I left USSR for USA in 1987, the year of the beginning collapse of Communism. Like an amphibian, I lost my Soviet gills and learned to breathe with lungs.Here I would like to explain why I believe my essays could be of interest for anybody except myself.Otherwise, I would not attempt this venture because I know myself all too well and have nothing to gain from spilling my knowledge out in an electronic form.The company of four is the maximal radius of social comfort for me.Yet that was exactly Montaignes idea: to portray not a public figure but a private person observing the world and himself.I was born in 1936 in the former Soviet Union, the year preceding the beginning of the Stalins terror.I was brought up and educated in the Communist society.I remember Communism as it was, frozen in my memory, while the memories of my generation living in Russia are overlaid by subsequent events.By Russia I mean here the former Soviet Union, the heir of the Russian Empire of the czars.


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