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The librarian says, ‘We don’t have the books but we have the authors.You can talk to them.'” a documentary video game about Mossadegh.

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The lead title essay, wherein Svenonius stridently insists state approval of art is more dangerous than censorship, is the book’s most convincing piece.

A chapter that touts the oft-mocked practice of collecting physical things as a counter to the homogenizing minimalism of Apple and Ikea rings true, as does one on the poisonous effects of tipping in the service industry, which essentially forces workers to pay each other.

Kurosh believes this mess that is the relationship of his two countries stems from a sloppy, or snooty mis-translation.

He hopes to spend the summer looking for early examples of poor translation in the Diba library, the largest collection of books about Iran not written in Persian.

At its best, his prose is all of the above, much the way his sloganeering bands Nation of Ulysses, Make-Up, and Chain & the Gang have served as homage, critique, and parody of rock history.

simultaneously deals in the heated rhetoric of insurgent calls to action, the seductive broad strokes of propaganda, and the clever winking of surrealist humor.If censored, rap will lose the harsh reality depicted in its lyrics.The reality that rap artists illustrate for the world in every song they write." than "surely he can’t be." It turns out Svenonius’ writing is a lot more interesting if you keep asking this question——while you read, without ever deciding.Because it’s never quite clear whether his grand statements, provocative polemics, and jump-cutting through political and cultural history are genuine, ironic, deceptive, or heartfelt.However, in recent decades the lyrics in modern rock, rap, hip-hop, and nearly all other music genres, have come to be seen as obscene and vulgar to today's society.All around the country rap songs have been banned from the air by radio stations. Musicians have always used music as a way to deliver a message or a belief.Should they want to share their creative expression with an audience, no matter how small or marginal, they must fill out a form, and adhere to a set of guidelines, Islamic, and impossible.It’s a prescription of public appearance and behavior, mandated by the Ministry of Culture, because God never sleeps.Often when I’m really convinced Svenonius has gone off a paranoid deep end, the next sentence hits back with knowingly-hilarious exaggeration or profoundly spot-on analysis, realigning my perspective and making me wonder again.The sincerity level of Svenonius’ last book, the thoroughly entertaining is more conspicuously earnest.


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