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For many of the estimated one billion persons topics for reflective essay with disabilities,most of whom live in developing countries,the reality of life is that of constant,multiple rights violations,including extreme poverty,discrimination,poor access to healthcare,exclusion from education,lack of access to justice and lack of legal capacity.The Communities prepare speech outline in which persons with disabilities live mostly ignore or take for granted these daily rights violations,and donors are not yet adequately addressing their fundamental rights and basic needs.

The colleges are expected to address accessibility related issues as per the stipulations of the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995, and ensure that all existing structures as well as future construction projects in their campuses are made disabled friendly.

The institutes should create special facilities such as ramps, rails and special toilets, and make other necessary changes to suit the special needs of differently-abled persons.

Early Childhood Development(ECD) is a generic term that refers to a child’s cognitive,social,emotional and physical development.

The same term is often used to describe a range of programmes which have speech topics the ultimate goal of improving young children’s capacity to develop and learn and which may occur at many different sectors such as health,education, and social protection.

National science day (February 28) once again shifts focus on ‘ scientific temper’ as envisaged in constitution.

In the present situation, when all sorts of pseudo -scientific postulations, dogmatism and ‘ scientific religiosity ‘ are gaining momentum, this day assumes additional significance.The first three years of a child’s life are a critical period.They are characterized by rapid development particularly of the brain and thus provide the essential building blocks for future growth,development and progress.But mere ‘ lip service’ may have very little effect on the lives of disabled persons.In reality, not much has been done to make the theme translate into reality.Manavata acts as a facilitator and dialogue partner with regard to co-operation among the volunteers and member organizations in carrying out social activities addressed to the benefit of community and deserving individuals. Then join hands with us, share ideas with people who concerned about humanity and be part of self-less cause. Do you want to make your life more happy and useful? Availability of devices such as computers with screen reading software, low-vision aids, scanners, mobility devices, etc., in the institutes would enrich the educational experiences of differently-abled persons.Therefore, colleges are encouraged to procure such devices and provide facility of Readers for visually challenged students.The construction plans should clearly address the accessibility issues pertaining to disability.Guidelines on accessibility laid out by the office of the Chief Commissioner of Disabilities.


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