Essay On Eid Day

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This year the dates of Eid Al Fitr are expected to fall on 4th June 2019 but 5th June in Pakistan.

However, it still depends on the new moon sighting.

Eid is also infused with diverse traditions in diverse countries.

The majority of individuals utilize the three days of this festivity for the visitations.

Some other customs comprise the Eidi, cash given to children on Eid, and wearing new dresses.

It starts with the 1st emergence of the new moon, so usually, the Muslims need to wait until the night before this festivity to confirm its date.

Couscousis perfect for sharing, and therefore perfect for the Eid.

In my friend’s house a huge dish of chicken and vegetable couscous is served, along with some watermelon for desert.

“The Zakat has to be paid in the night of the last day of Ramadan and the morning of the Eid-al fitr.” The Zakat is paid so that everybody, also the poor, can be happy on the Eid.

All Muslims around the world are supposed to celebrate Ramadan together on this day. Many Moroccan families serve couscous, the most traditional dish.


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