Essay On Health Is Wealth In Kannada

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Writing one essay on each Sunday will help you get better marks in this paper.

Writing one essay on each Sunday will help you get better marks in this paper.

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Instead, is not it feel great if you are healthy and able to enjoy the money you have the hardest times earning? Therefore, with health, you would not only be getting money but a happiness and time too Health is a source of happiness, while wealth often draws evilness.

Healthy people often surrounded by great people, however wealthy people sometimes attract ‘gold diggers’.

You are blessed to have a good health and decent wealth, but imagine one day you own everything, and health ain’t one.

Should you remember all these would impact your loved ones too.

When you are getting older, especially when you are retired, you will agree on this one. when you are older, tired and in health restricted, you would want a great health more than anything in the world.

You would imagine having your grandchildren playing happily at your house lawn under the clouded sunny skies, while you and your already-grown up kids would sit by the coffee table outside, reminiscing the old days together. And you would only be getting this much if you are still healthy during that particular year, turning 60 to 70.

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Be it one of the 3 highs or cancer or any other grave disease, you might be able to get all the medicines you need to cure you but money could only do so much as providing you with the best treatments yet it still could not give back your healthy body.

Truthfully, this does not require an explanation because we all are able to see how the world works now.


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