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In today's modern world, it is very important to save trees where urbanization, industrialization and global warming are increasing rapidly.In such a technological world, where people are working and fighting for themselves, only trees are alive for others (humans and animals).

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If we eliminate trees and forests, we will eliminate life and environment from the green earth.

Humans are known as the most intelligent creatures on earth.

Trees are important in our lives like food and water, without the tree life will be very difficult or we can say that life will end because the tree is an important aspect in giving us healthy and prosperous life.

In today's days, it has been added to the student's life through important social awareness and education to save the trees.

Provides lots of life on earth, by providing fruits, vegetables, vegetation, flowers, spices, cold shade, medication, root, tree bark, wood, germination etc.

A fully grown tree works without R in many years of humanity Some effective methods of protecting trees to protect life and environment on earth are as follows: Conclusion Life on earth is possible due to water, oxygen and trees and we can not circumvent that the tree is on the earth as the main means of oxygen and water.They can be used by the students as per their requirement.You can find some essay in English, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 800 words to save trees in English language.Everything on the earth is connected to each other and runs through the balance of nature, if there is any disturbance with it, the entire environment can be disrupted and can damage life on earth.The tree protects us from many natural disasters and in many ways it fosters our lives.Trees are the means of rain on earth because they attract clouds which eventually bring rain.They save from soil and refresh the environment by protecting against pollution.It keeps our environment clean and green to the earth, therefore, we are also responsible for them and have to do our best to save them.Long and mature trees are more profitable than small trees because they absorb more carbon, greenhouse gases filter at very high rates, adopts stormwater, provides big shade and opposes urban heat, energy Reduces the use of etc.In our life given by nature, the tree is a very precious gift, it is like green gold on earth and it has a very high meaning in everyone's life.Here some importance of trees has been mentioned, which will prove why trees are being saved to save lives: To save the tree, there is not just a slogan to save life, it is a responsibility to understand and understand every person living on earth.


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