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While travelling from destination A to destination B, you can have a fulfilling time with your co-passengers in case you happen to gel with them well.

The best part is that you can comfortably lie down whenever you feel tired and move to and fro whenever feel immobile.

Train journeys, as I already mentioned, are incredibly panoramic.

You can behold mountains, cities as well as rivers from your window seat.

She was simply gorgeous and a nice soul to talk to.

But sadly, time just flew by and we couldn’t even realize that she arrived at her destination. Warm Good Evening Everyone – How you all are doing? I, Ashutosh Mathur – your host for today, would like to deliver a speech on a very peculiar topic, i.e. The reason why this topic is being chosen because the panelists wanted to make it as a fun and a light evening.In fact, if you have to prepare a speech on the same topic, you can go through the ones on our website and develop an understanding as how to address the topic and write in an impactful manner.Respected Class Teacher and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!This is due to the fact that you get to interact with your co-passengers, and who also wish engaging in chatty conversations. This way you don’t even realize how such long journeys come to an end.Even though I have undertaken a lot of train journeys and there are so many memories, but the latest one that I vividly remember was a short train journey though, yet it carries most fond memories in my mind.I was on my way back to Delhi travelling from Jaipur.It was barely 6 hours journey, but in that time period I could enjoy to the utmost. Let me tell you, besides enjoying the snacks and the sightseeing, I enjoyed the company of my co-passengers.Interestingly, I happen to befriend the 5 year old little girl whose name was Pari.We exchanged glances and slowly and gradually began interacting with each other. We enjoyed the snacks together and played video games.The whistle of the train, cranky noises at the platforms and beckoning calls of the tea sellers, etc.– everything has its own charm which is quite peculiar to train journeys and you won’t be able to enjoy such scenes anywhere else.


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