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Or maybe the same directions, but with new verve: away from and towards privation. I had a love affair with Gluck and her works in 2012, slowly reading through her canon and being struck again and again by the sheer breadth and talent of her work.

At some point I realized that Proofs and Theories was the collected book of her essays and lectures, and fell over myself to secure a copy.

All the same, there are some essays in this book that I would consider essential, at least for makers of a certain disposition.

And even whe I've been working on this book of essays intermittently for months.

This woman's mind is a labyrinth of intelligence, insight and fierce passion for the craft and study of poetry.

To read these essays is to sit in the presence of a teacher who has learned to impart knowledge in a succinct and permeating way.

Realism is by nature historical, confined to a period.

What strikes me now is that these quite disparate works, , seemed to me about equal in their unreality.

It is a profound treatise on writing, and poetry, and being a poet.

I learned so much, and bought it for myself anticipating the re-read, when I wil Quite simply the best volume I read this year.


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