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I took it to school, and my friends were happy for me as I had dearly wished for it. My friends soothed me by a small thought so as not to lose hope. Our computer teacher teaches us so nicely, it creates more interest in computer. As it was very dark my brother hit against a table and fell down crying. My white party shoes had shining silver stars which went with the silver dots spangled all over my dress. Well, Eshita had invited many children and there was going to be a lot of music and dance. In the beginning it was fun as I quietly played and chatted with her.

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It was pink in colour and had beautiful stars and glitters on it. It is a very fast machine, it does not get tired or bored. Now my brother enjoying this took advantage of my fright and ran after me making scary faces and sounds. My mother thought that we were playing but she could not understand why I was shouting for help. The party was on Saturday, so, we could enjoy till late evening without bothering about the next day's homework.

My school bag had a special pocket for a pencil box and I was happy that my pencil box fitted like a glove. In my computer class I like to do machine room activity in which we learn LOGO language. I took a matchstick and turned to light the candle. The same, was with me, I could not understand why my mother was telling me not to run so fast and eat my food. My brother whom I thought was a ghost was still running after me. I chose a pink dress with frills and pink ribbons to match. At first it was a slow movement, gradually I gathered confidence and my steps picked up.

Perhaps their kids don’t travel with heavy bags by public transport, foot or bike.

Perish the thought that members of the Oireachtas lack interest in the day-to-day concerns of us ordinary mortals.

A technological revolution has not replaced those sets of heavy textbooks.

Some schools have tried to go down the ipad route but that brings a different set of problems.Educational publishers The writers of the report go on to address other possible solutions than IT, including collaboration between teachers and educational publishers.The sting in the tale seems to be that many people have known for years that schoolchildren are potentially suffering damage to their backs, but there is not enough will to find an effective solution.The vagueness of the word ‘may’ is classic working party fudge and sounds more desperate than hopeful.Sixteen years after the report expounding its cheery theory about technology relieving the burden of paper carrying, kids still often lug more than the recommended ten percent of body weight.I was wearily unsurprised that the subsequent report changed nothing.The backs of the nation’s children have continued to bend under hefty bags since then.Now if they had only taken a Ryanair zero tolerance approach, things might look a little different.I jest, but something meaningful does need to be done.Learn to anticipate and be on time so that the need for haste does not arise. She kept her promise and brought an orange box for me. To make me feel happy all my family members which include my father, my sister and my grandparents gave me orange boxes. But I still I miss my favourite orange box, given by my aunt. We were alone so we went to the terrace to wait for my father.


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