Essay On Poverty Leads To Child Labour

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Children are considered as assets to generate income in time of poverty.

Children should, therefore, be given work at home early in life and be obliged to assist parents.

Let your kids and children know what is child labour, its causes and what prevention measures are.

These child labour essay are written in very simple words especially for the use of children and students going to school.

Poverty in Ethiopia is chronic due to, among others, population pressure, land degradation, unemployment and under-employment among adults and school leavers (youth).

Children are paid lower wages than adults, not unionized, and do not demand workers’ rights.(Fig3) The high demand for child labour within these families reduces productive workers in adulthood and constrains economic growth.- case study Socioeconomic parameters: Religion (Fig4): The Hindu sector is dominant as they are from the costal areas, which lag behind, in the overall development process.Takes into consideration how the culture and societal values may affect the value placed on the contribution of schooling and work. Child labour is aimed at purely satisfying the current needs of the household whilst education is an investment in future income.This hypothetical framework clearly highlights poverty as the main constituent of the demand for child labour within a lower socioeconomic household.In order to meet the demands of basic needs (shelter, food and water) households sacrifice their future welfare and focus on their current economic vulnerability.As a result these children will enter adulthood with no skill to acquire a decent job and shall remain in the state of economic vulnerability.Market demands: Public growing needs for goods and services.Solved by reducing the cost of production (land, labour, capital, enterprise) Microeconomic labour model (Fig1): labour supply and demand are both functions of the real wage.(Fig2) “Theory of economic vulnerability”: (2 proposals) 1.A child’s involvement in school, work and leisure is decided by the family to maximise their present and future wellbeing.


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