Essay On Social Networking Sites Should Be Banned

The mistakes which are done by the politicians and higher level people are seen via social media only.... Point: social networks are more useful to get information what we have to know.

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Point: Although many security levels and encryption medhodologies were provided,they will afford security for only a certain level.

Any thing which is used more than its limit,will cause harm to the society. Point: Yes I am in the favour of that Social Network is very inportant now a days .

but my opinion is that social networking sites are very helpful,usefull to us Point: hello frends from my point of u its totally depends on us that how r we using all these social networking now a days with the help of these social networking sites likr face book watsup.

people can communicate between them selfs in no time but the biggrst disadvantage is that the youth is so addicted to these sites . engineer s r working allot on these social sites so we should give them respect and use it properly.

It helps in the sharing of the view,ideas,any many more.

It is the one of the cheapest way to share the the information between our friend and relatives.One should takr care when sharing information and photos..Point: social networking sites are very useful because social networking sites keep us touch with our friends in this busy world, although i am also agree it may be boon or crush, this is depend on us we use social networking sites for improving our self or to degrade.and thats not so gud for our future Point: Everything has some good effect and some bad also but it depends on individual how they utilized good effect and how to convert bad effect to good media should improve our life not become our life.Point: definitely its a boon becoz we can get information about anything what we wanted to can communicate with our friends n relatives who are far from we should not waste many time in these things....Point: as we teach our children to ride a bike, we must also teach them to navigate social media in the positive direstion.Social media like a coin has two sides, and it totally depends on the user if you make it a boon or a bane... Well, we just need to talk with our dear friends, share happy moments with them and that can happen without SNS also.There is no any barrier and fear to share on the internet.Yes I am Point: I think social networking is good for all followers.Point: i really think that social networking sites should not be bane beacause this is the only inntresting way to communicate anyone and also we can know that if someone is meet to us in a future,or a official life so that how can we communicate to thats why i think it should not bane.........Point: social networking gives much knowledge to us.we know we can develop our skills..knowing different things..can know things what we dont know..helps us to search topics...images etc.....


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