Essay On Witness Film Techniques

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Here the severity of his lawyer by vocation takes your senses away with his masterful judicial way to see logic and it's such an incredible fun to watch him do it.

Tyrone Power is a toy in his hands but not Marlene Dietrich who stands her ground, not merely as a character but as a presence on the screen.

As an audience we could see how Weir has portrayed negative thoughts of the city life while the Amish country life is a positive.

Because of this issue the clash of two cultures is demonstrated through the relationship between Rachel and Book.

You can see them again at the drop of a hat, you show them to people who have never see them and it's always a triumph.

"Witness For The Prosecution" is one of those wonders.

Billy Wilder visits early Hitchcock territory with wit and fun.

Elsa Lanchester's nurse is the cherry on top of this delightful film.

Suspend your disbelief for a couple of hours and enjoy this banquet of a romp.

Charles Laughton showed here what he was made of better, more clearly and more loudly than in any other film and all of his films, at least the moments with him in it, are unforgettable - Captain Blight or Henry VIII, Quasimodo or that malefic Senator from South Carolina.


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