Essay Problems With Landfills

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Modernization and progress has had its share of disadvantages and one of the main aspects of concern is the pollution it is causing to the earth – be it land, air, and water.

With increase in the global population and the rising demand for food and other essentials, there has been a rise in the amount of waste being generated daily by each household.

Coloured plastics are harmful as their pigment contains heavy metals that are highly toxic.

Some of the harmful metals found in plastics are copper, lead, chromium, cobalt, selenium, and cadmium.

This waste generated from the hospitals, health care centres, medical laboratories, and research centres such as discarded syringe needles, bandages, swabs, plasters, and other types of infectious waste are often disposed with the regular non-infectious waste.

can also create health hazards for the neighbourhood.

The group at risk from the unscientific disposal of solid waste include – the population in areas where there is no proper waste disposal method, especially the pre-school children; waste workers; and workers in facilities producing toxic and infectious material.

Other high-risk group include population living close to a waste dump and those, whose water supply has become contaminated either due to waste dumping or leakage from landfill sites.

Landfill sites should be well lined and walled to ensure that there is no leakage into the nearby ground water sources.

too carries health risks if proper precautions are not taken.


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