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For example: Evaluate alternative policies designed to reduce inflation. It is the weighing or measuring of factors followed by an attempt to give relative weight to those factors.

For example: Evaluate alternative policies designed to reduce inflation. It is the weighing or measuring of factors followed by an attempt to give relative weight to those factors.

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Outline Outline really only requires the main features relating to the issue to be given.

Try to say the reason why a thing may or may not happen.

Assess Asks students to measure and judge the magnitude or quality of something.

Students may offer differing assessments as they present the reasoning for their conclusion.

Analyse Here you are being asked to provide a comparison in detail of the causes and any possible effects of how the thing under consideration has developed or happened.

Wherever it is possible ,try to give examples, this is especially true if the material offered has examples within it. This is telling you that you need to make suggestions as to possibly why or why not something may or may not, in your own opinion, be appropriate considering the issue or event being analysed.Apply This as the word suggests is asking you to apply your knowledge of a particular thing, say the monetary or fiscal policy, to a given situation.It is asking you to relate your own specific knowledge of the issue from the syllabus area to the particular situation that has been given to you.This is often from the result of your considerations, workings and/or calculations have told you about the problem that you have been given.Compare/Compare and contrast Asks students to describe two situations and present the similarities and differences between them.Explain Directs students to describe clearly, make intelligible and give reasons for a concept or idea.For example: Explain why a monopolist may charge different prices to different customers for the same service.For example: Calculate the PED for a price change of .00 to .40.Comment A comment question requires you to draw some conclusions about the issue under consideration.For example: Assess the economic implications of the movement of many eastern and central European countries from planned economies to market economies.Calculate This type of question is normally asking you to use specific knowledge' that you should have i.e. When doing a question like this it is important to show each step or stage of an calculation used.


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