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Place images – be they towns or vast territories – also served powerful military ambitions, political agendas, and commercial interests.

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Urban design and maps reflected new ideological values and ambitions embodied in the new bastioned trace and the rationalizing urbanism of the monarchical state.

Innovative medieval craft practices combined with new technologies and evermore robust, bureaucratic forms of public governance to reshape urban life in the modern forms recognizable today.

La Paz, the administrative capital of Bolivia sits at 3,660 metres above sea level.

Located in a canyon, the city climbs steep hills as it expands outwards creating an unforgettable urban setting.

Cet essai analyse les dessins et plans d’urbanisme du point de vue des changements de modalités survenus entre « construction » et « vision » dans la France des années 1200 à 1600.

Bien qu’important, l’idéal du de la Renaissance italienne ne remplaça pas les traditions durables du Moyen Âge en termes de plans d’urbanisme et d’innovation.

These symbolic schemata took geometric form and displayed elements drawn from myth and metaphysics.

Hellenistic mathematics, especially Euclidean geometry, further developed these abstractions of place referents.

How individuals perceived and conceptualized urban space can be discerned in the built environment and its visual representation.

Since ancient times, cityscapes offered idealized views of the world using symbolic spatial schemata that transformed natural space into inhabited place.


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