Essay Writing Skills In Ielts

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Once you know which aspects of your writing skills require most attention, the challenge becomes easier. But I still urge you to write as often as you can in the months before taking the IELTS exam.

Don’t worry about not having any good ideas to write about. Transcribing your daily activities into words at the end of the day is more than enough.

Using transitional devices (also known as connectives) is one way of doing that.

During writing, you may find the need to jump from one idea to another.

Try to first develop in your mind a rough sketch of what you are going to write.

This will help you shape your text right from the start and you will be in a better position to follow the word limit.While you act on those tips and add some of your own insights to them, here is a brief guide on how to improve your writing skills in preparation for the writingsection of the exam.When preparing for the written section of the IELTS exam, the first and foremost task is to get some feedback on your writing.If you have been asked to write 250 words, make sure you are not writing 350. It is alright to be over or under the limit by around 20-30 words, but don’t push this boundary too far.Also, don’t just start writing as soon as you read the question.Look at IELTS practice tests and choose topics which interest you.Use a variety of practice questions and try writing within both the time and word limits.He is working as a journalist and media trainer in Melbourne along with secretly harboring an ambition to become a filmmaker.Watch our video from some people who have taken the IELTS Writing test, follow our guidance below and take a Writing practice test: It is a good idea to study high quality writing styles in different formats by looking at newspapers or short articles in general-interest magazines on a variety of subjects.Some structures might be used in the task 2 as well.4. I don’t care how difficult the test is, I don’t care how little time you have got. On the contrary, it will make you feel stressed and less confident. For example: no abbreviations, no 1st and 2nd pronoun or possessive (I, you, me, my, your), except in conclusion where you have to state your opinion.9.


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