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Some people believe that the best way of learning about life is by listening to the advice of family and friends.

Other people believe that the best way of learning about life is through personal experience. In (1), you are asked to choose a side (agree or disagree) and support your opinion.

In (4), you are asked to illustrate a hypothetical situation and explain your choice.

In (5), you are asked to compare two different situations and explain your preference Once you know what you are being asked to do, you should take another 1-2 minutes to plan the structure of your essay, and brainstorm some examples that you will use to support your ideas.

You might want to take down a few words on your scratch pad, just to remember. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

There is nothing that young people can teach older people.

The TOEFL Writing Tutorial is for students about to take the TOEFL i BT exam, and want a higher score in the TOEFL writing section.

The TOEFL Writing Tutorial is designed to help you improve your writing skills.

Out of the 4 areas of the TOEFL test – reading, listening, speaking, writing – that you will be tested on, many students have the most problems with the speaking and writing questions. Writing well in English requires many skills such as good grammar, good spelling, and being able to write a variety of sentence and paragraph structures.

With more practice using our online TOEFL course, you will be passing the TOEFL test in no time! Maybe you're not ready yet for the English level needed in the TOEFL Writing section.


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