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Along the way, Mc Candless gravitates toward substitute fathers including Wayne Westerberg and Ronald Franz (and one substitute mother, Jan Burres).

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Whether he was a vagabond, genius, whack job, free spirit, rebel, or poet, Christopher Mc Candless (also known by the pseudonym Alexander Supertramp) was unique among men.

Chris Mc Candless was just a victim of his own obsession.

The novel “Into The Wild” written by John Krakauer revealed the life of a young bright man named Chris Mc Candless who turned up dead in Alaska in summer 1992.

In this light, hamartia seems to fit Chris Mc Candless quite well.

The rich kid who leaves the material world, his family, and his identity behind to pursue enlightenment in the natural landscape seems the very definition of someone looking for his place.

In the novel, John Krakauer approached carefully Mc Candless’s life without putting too much authorial judgment to the readers.

Although Chris Mc Candless remained an elusive figure throughout the novel, I can see Chris Mc Candless as a dreamy young idealist who tries to follow his dream but failed because of his innocent mistake which prove to be fatal and irreversible.

the literary critic Leslie Fiedler suggests that the central theme of all U. literature is the escape of American men and boys from civilization into the wild.

Often a reaction to heartbreak, and sometimes in the company of other men and/or boys, this flight is the dynamic at the center of books and stories as diverse as .


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