Essays On A Doll'S House Feminism

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Torvald, like every other husband believed that all women were capable of doing nothing, but spending money which was why he called her a ‘spendthrift’.

Another question raised by this play is: How does Nora’s character have an impact on the role of women?

This is because her husband never talked to her like an adult, not letting her decide upon things and more importantly playing with her like his pet doll.

At the end of the book, Torvald, says ‘that’s just like a woman’. I personally believe that all individual has equal rights, or at least the opportunity to be independent.

She also has no importance in the house; we see this when she hesitates to make trivial decisions.

For example, she asks Torvald what she must wear and prepare for the ball.

Many questions have been raised regarding the rights a woman should be given, but I would be particularly discussing my viewpoint on feminism, freedom and society.

However, there are many other related questions which may also be of greater significance.

My final question would be: Was it a “male dominant society? In their little home, Torvald is the superior member, who makes all the decisions and keeps very little to Nora and not sharing serious talks.

” Ibsen reflects this viewpoint in many ways, such as the relationship between Mr. He treats her like his fancy doll, and is concerned about her “attractive appearance” rather than her happiness.


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