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Dealing with political reforms, or facing the consequences emergent from a lack of reforms, will present the Communist Party with a challenge the significance of which it has perhaps not faced before, and the manner by which the Chinese government handles future political issues could significantly hamper China’s position and prestige on the global stage.

I will argue for the adoption of yet a different course for American foreign policy, one that balances the two extremes of international leadership and isolation and is organized around the principles of international diplomacy and economic responsibility.

We have the obligation to maintain and support good relations with the smaller and weaker nations throughout the world.

Externally, as well, China faces a number of containing factors in its rise to “superpower” status.

For one, the world’s current “superpower,” the United States, is far from waning in hegemony to such a degree that it will be “replaced” by China; through decades of eminence and leadership in international political, economic, and military organizations, the United States has entrenched itself as a global power and hegemon for at least decades to come.


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