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Right: Maria was up early on the day of arrival to scan the Port Melbourne for a first glimpse of her fiancé after a separation of nine months - ref by Wikipedia.

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The first stanza describes their uncertainty about the future and about their lives and establishes the perspective of the group of migrants as a whole.

The poem is not so much about a change of perspective, as stagnancy, and a desire to keep perspectives the same.

The change of perspective described in it is the demonstration of the differences between the father's perspective of Australia, and his son's perspective.

They each have totally different perceptions of their world because of their differing experiences in life. Early British settlers introduced Western stock and crops and Australian agriculture now produces an abundance of fresh produce. Licensed under License unknown, please check it yourself" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567805596" English: Migrant Arrivals in Australia - 50,000th Dutch migrant, arrives in Australia aboard the SIBAJAK.

He therefore is indicating that at that point, his father was of less worth than a grunting animal.

The poet almost condemns his father for not trying to assimilate, but in the sixth stanza he describes the other side of Feliks' personality again, proving that in his opinion, his father is not a bad person.

He probably would not remember his life in Europe, and spent only the very early years there.

He mainly grew up in Australia so had much more exposure to the new culture and more opportunity to adapt and become a part of it."Feliks Skrzynecki" begins with showing the poet's admiration for his father, and describes his loving, caring nature with a simile, "Loved his garden like an only child,".

The responder is given the impression that from when Peter was at the age of 13, He and his father began to diverge in values, lifestyle, and most importantly, perspective of their worlds.

"Watched me pegging my tents/ further and further south of Hadrian's Wall." This metaphor indicates the poets change from the Polish culture and his heritage, to the Australian culture and his new life."Migrant Hostel" is about his family's experience in the Parkes Hostel, where they stayed for two years.


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