Essays With Comprehension Questions

By doing so, students can derive the underlying implications from comprehension passages and expand on their essay discussion effectively.

Application techniques for GP essays are essential for those who strive to attain grade A in A Level General Paper.

Students will develop writing techniques, like word substitution, extraction of information and arrangement of ideas.

Then, within the given timeframe, students will write out their answers to simulate examination conditions.

One section will contain two related long passages.

Mini tests 11 - 14 contain one paragraph reading comprehensions.

Post-practice discussion will be conducted to encourage students to reflect and check their answers more thoroughly, so as to minimise errors.

Our intensive revision for general paper tuition will be conducted during March holidays, June Holidays, July, August and October.

Answer the questions on the basis of what is stated or implied in the reading extracts and any introductory material.

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