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And I hope that maybe when you do come to a show in London, that would be a really good opportunity to buy my new book, and I’d be happy to sign it for you.” Why would they tell me that? Well, it’s interesting, because I could say that I could write your biography, but everybody knows your story already. If someone were writing a story of my life, they could talk to Mark Silverberg, who would say, “Oh, he’s an asshole, and he screwed me over.” You could probably make that list yourself – the people you don’t want to be interviewed about yourself.The genre of memoir has exploded in the last decade or so. I’m guessing we all have that list buried in our subconscious.Is there a more popular humorist of our time than David Sedaris, the best-selling author and essayist whose stories about his family and travels have delighted audiences since his appearances in the early ’90s on NPR?

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In nine books spanning 20 years, David Sedaris has riffed on matters both cosmic and mundane, from growing up with his tight-knit Greek-American family in the suburbs of Raleigh, N.

C., to his account of working as an elf at Macy’s in his well-known essay "Santa Land Diaries."Appearances on NPR and in (Little, Brown, 259 pp., ★★★½ out of four), his first collection in five years, takes a more melancholy, self-reflective turn, as Sedaris, 61, confronts aging and mortality.

I just got an email from people who I offered to give free tickets to for a show in London. I was going through with it even though it wasn’t what I wanted. Somebody from Little, Brown called me and said, “Do you have a book that we could publish or that we could look at?

And they said, “We saw you at the BBC and that was free, and then you offered us free tickets to London, and then we got your books for free, and so we haven’t paid anything.” I wrote back, “You know, I would not have told me that. ” I thought, “Well, .” So I brought them the book, and then when they said they would take it, I went to the agent and said, “I’m going to go with somebody else for this.” Because I didn’t want to be tied to him, because I didn’t feel anything for him.

A guy wrote me and said that he got a Kindle, and could I send him a list of books to read.

I sent him a list, and then he said that, “I got all of them free online.” And I said, “What?When I first moved to New York, I did this reading, and there was this guy who read as well. And he came up to me and said, “So I heard you told so-and-so that you were the best one on stage that night.” And I thought, “Yeah, I was.But if you can’t see that, well, I don’t know what I could do for you. When you get your ass kicked, you think, “Wow, I have a lot to [work on].” I was saying to Hugh earlier, that 30 years ago if I had this show tonight, I would have stayed up all night last night.“Over the course of the day, the line she Inevitably, that penchant for exaggeration leads to Donald Trump, and pained reflections on the 2016 election.Trump's rise put Sedaris at odds with his Greek-American father, Lou, now in his 90s.I think it was Philip Larkin who said something like, until you have children of your own, you’ll always be your father’s son. I saw my father yesterday, and it can be tricky with him, but it was one of those times when it was just heartbreaking to see him…He was much more frail than the last time I saw him. The culture of all content being available for free is getting pervasive. I think that there are 500 places online where you can get my book for free.I thought, “Why couldn’t I have learned to play the piano? My publisher will close one down and another one pops right up.Before a performance at Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia, the gifted humorist sat down with me to talk about his performing life, his writing career, and why you should You’re a very disciplined writer, as your most recent book of diary items well demonstrates.Have you always been that disciplined about your writing? When I started writing, I started writing every day.I worry about that sometimes, because 30 years ago I would have stayed up all night.Now I’m like, How do you prepare to read for a show like this, with thousands of people waiting for you? I think part of it is…you have to trust your instincts.


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