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In this situation, if the individual’s personal identity and/or personally-identifiable information are obtained in the process of observation or online data collection, the research organization shall protect the privacy and security of that information as required by law, this Code, and the standards of professional research practice.If personally-identifiable information cannot be de-identified, the research organization must delete the personal data or seek informed consent from the individual for any further research or data record use.Preamble Research organizations have ethical and legal responsibilities to research participants.

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(1) to validate interviews and/or (2) to determine an additional fact of analytical importance to the study (including the practice of appending client-owned database information to the research organization's data file as an analytic aid).

Where additional inquiry is indicated, research participants must be given a sound reason for the re-inquiry; a refusal by the participant to continue must be respected.

The research process is a systematic collection, aggregation, and/or analysis of opinions and behaviors for informational purposes.

The protections of personal information are governed by the principles of participant privacy and confidentiality, and the aggregation and reporting of research data.

Before disclosing participant-identifiable information to a client for purposes of interview validation or re-inquiry, the research organization must take whatever steps are needed to ensure that the client will conduct the validation or re-contact in a fully professional manner.

This includes the avoidance of multiple validation contacts or other conduct that would harass or could embarrass research participants.

Research informs marketing; it does not achieve it.

Research participation may be active or passive: a.

Where participant-identifiable data are disclosed to clients so that the client’s internal research organization may analyze research data in combination with other participant-level data (such as internal customer data, participant-level data from another research project, etc.) it is understood that the information will be used for model building, internal (client’s internal research organization) analysis, research question targeting (for future research efforts), or the like rather than for individual marketing efforts, and that simply because of his or her participation in the research project.

To ensure client compliance, the research organization must obtain written confirmation from the client before releasing any data.


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