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Perhaps then man is not such an entegral part of the Earthspirit. “The conditions of Fausts wager and the its resolution in the light of Cantian ethics.” The English Goethe Society New series Vol.

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Goethe’s Faust raises constant questions concerning good and evil, causality and predetermination.

Goethe’s Faust is concerned with the “fundamental religious and and philosophical problems which have ever fascinated and tormented mankind, problems such as, the relationship between man and and the powers of good and evil; mans revolt against human limitations; the thirst for knowledge beyond mere information; the puzzeling disparity between the sublimity and misery of human life.”[2] With all of these great attributes Goethe’s Faust emerges as a great German Literary acomplishment which due to its inherent ambiguity has been adopted by every major German social and political movement.

Even the soldiers which are present in the scene at the city gates are removed to give a sense of social harmony.

Faust is the hero of this harmonious world where good and evil are all part of the greater simbiotic cosmic order.

In the Weimar production Faust appears not to learn the true nature of cosmic order simply because the body language between Mephisto and Faust goes un… Goethe’s view of evil and the search for a new image of man in our time.

The Ambiguity presented by the pact of Faust and the bet made by the Lord is a a direct analogy to the ambiguous nature of man.

Man appears as a “strange creation which vascillates between heaven and earth, between the possible and the imposible, the most coarse and the most delicate or whatever other extremes the human imagination may conjure up.”[8] Thus, in his attempt to defeat Faust it is imperative that “Mephistopheles desires to make Faust behave as though he were exclusively of this world, but Faust conscious that he possesses two souls in his breast, cannot possibly accept this point of view.” Due to this duality within man, which is present in Faust by the presence of elements of the metaphysical and the physical in one being, man will never be satisfied because he is an imperfect being.

Gillies in his analysis insists that “if we strive to grasp the finite we must do so within the bounds of our earthly existance, we learn or be destroyed.”[9] This is the keystone to the Faust mystery.

If Goethe has presented Faust as a pawn in a greater game, surely as in Helenic fashion, the mortal soul is never in jeopardy. Only if Faust behaves without humanity will his soul be lost.

Thus the human condition as presentesd in the world of Goethe’s Faust is amoral.


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