Gcse History Coursework Stalin

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The Rise of Stalin: ideal as a revision / consolidation activity Interactive Interview with Josef Stalin Allocate out a different topic from those listed in the drop-down menu to each student.

Soviet Economy Simulator Students design their own "5-Year Plans" designed to prepare the USSR for war with the West.

Kirov championed these views at the 17th Party Congress and emerged as the popular alternative to Stalin.

Shortly afterwards he was shot inside the Party offices in Leningrad.

] Allocate out a different topic from those listed in the drop-down menu to each student.

In a subsequent lesson, each student then does a presentation to the class based on their findings.

Where they have provided supporting documents and powerpoints these are underneath.

Prof Christopher Read - Continuity and Change in Russian History since 1861 Prof Christopher Read Continuity and Change in Russian History Professor Christopher Read - What was special about the Russian Intelligentsia before 1914 Professor Chris Read - What is special about the Russian Intelligentsia Dr Jane Mc Dermid - The Provisional Government Prof Christopher Read- The October Revolution and the Role of the Bolsheviks Professor Peter Waldron - Reform reaction and revolution in Russia 1855-1917 Professor Peter Waldron - Reform and Revolution in Russia Professor Peter Waldron Diary entries by Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Dr James Harris Stalins Rise to Power Prof Peter Waldron Stalinism after 1945 Prof Peter Waldron Stalinism Gulag 1951 Prof Peter Waldron Stalinism Penza 1945 Professor Jane Mc Dermid - Women Revolutionaries The History Department has put together two podcasts of their own on Repression and Agriculture in Russia which will help you pick your way through the minefield of Russian historiography.

He extended his terror into the factories (in his campaigns against sabotage) and against party rivals (in the Great Purges).

Kirov had been popular in Leningrad since the 1920s. In 1934, when the collectivisation crisis was over, many thought it was time to slow down economic change and improve relations with the peasantry.


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