Geography Essay Prompts

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Edith Strong has been appointed as a Captain of her department; however, there have been some problems within the department to adhere her new job responsibilities.

One of her responsibility is to uplift the morale and improve the work conditions with police officers and personnel.

Allow patrol officers to reciprocal his or her relationship awhile on duty that would reduce the pressures on the excessive amount of service calls.

In law enforcement, communication is the key to any uniformed organization, when there is no communication with amongst each other frustration comes into effect, as it will make a big problem with the community.

Example: when an officer has less time to follow through an investigation, Strong should have more officers to assist the officers and take the responsibility that the report get done correctly to protect the officers and citizens.

To determine what will motivate any given worker, determine what needs that individual is trying to satisfy on the job. The ERG theory (existence/relatedness/growth) would be applicable because one of the biggest complaints from officers is working alone and less time to complete an investigation.

Usually this will help to participate what is going on within the department.

Recognize the negative feedback from other officer and follow up with a plan by motivating the officers with some positive feedback and ideas on how to make the department better.

Satisfaction progression principle the individual must have a stronger desire of satisfaction at lower level needs. The individual that have been satisfied at a higher level are more likely to emphasis on previously satisfied lower level needs.

The officers would get more of an achievement of existence his or her behaviors, by getting a closer relationship by socializing with his or her peers.


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