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This means that when you prep for the Analytical Writing section with one of our tutors, you’re learning from a teacher with practical experience!Your tutor can help you boost your writing skills by reviewing the outline of your practice essay and giving you tips on how to improve it.

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If your essay is missing an element, you can go back and do a rewrite.

This sort of practice takes a bit of time, but will prove beneficial on test day.

GMAT graders will be looking for specific examples as they score your essay.

It’s not enough to state that a piece of the given argument is inaccurate – you have to use the information within the argument to prove your point.

Study the Scoring System for the GMAT Analytical Writing Section Studying the for the analytical essay is very helpful in your quest to craft a high-scoring piece.

After writing a practice essay, you can compare its contents to the criteria on the rubric.Write 2-3 paragraphs to identify and explain the faults that you have found in the argument.For example, in the case of the �false cause� you can explain what alternative reasons or other causes might need to be considered.Faulty comparisons and mistaken assumptions as well as vague words are all things to point out when critiquing the argument.Writing a quick note about each flaw you find can be helpful when it comes time to elaborate on them in your essay.Study with a GMAT Tutor A professional tutor can assist you in preparing for the section on Analytical Writing.GMAT tutors at Veritas Prep have taken the exam and earned a score in the 99th percentile.GMAT creators want to see how well you can analyze an argument, so in this section, you are given an argument and expected to critique it. Discover a few GMAT writing tips that can help you to create a critique that earns you a high score on this portion of the test.Take a Few Minutes to Plan Your Essay When it comes to the GMAT writing section, you may think this first tip is a no-brainer.You probably know that the GMAT gauges your skills in reading and math.But did you know that there is also a section called the Analytical Writing Assessment?


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