Graphic Design Personal Statement Resume

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While budgets are impossible to include, feedback and reviews are valuable information.

As there is a technical aspect to a graphic designer's work, it's worth including a Skills section on a Graphic Design CV.

Again, use quantification if possible - for example, if you won a competition, state how many entrants there were.

Recent graduates can refer to projects completed during studies or as voluntary work in this section.

Your CV must always be printable at 300dpi in black and white, so make sure any graphics will work on paper.

Strong recommendations are to work with a grid in order to organise the information. Do, of course, pay considerable attention to the use of different fonts and font sizes - without going overboard, it's possible to convey your creativity in the appearance of the text.This is an 'at a glance' view of your application, so you need to highlight all the areas that are most relevant to the vacancy in question.With experience areas, mention your strongest graphic skills - e.g. - and the main kind of clients you have worked for.The most effective presentation is in a table with three columns and a number of rows.You can group the software applications into categories (e.g.It's still important to have an online portfolio, either on your own website or your own page on a shared portfolio site - it will always be easier for an employer to click back and forth on a single site, rather than follow a string of individual links on your Graphic Designer CV.This should not prevent you from writing an effective CV, as this amounts to your introduction. A professional CV writing company such as Bradley CVs can expertly write your CV and sell your skills, ability and experience to an employer, making them want to interview you.Visual creativity a Graphic Design CV is fine, but this should never impinge on the clarity of the text.If you use images or limited colour, ensure that it does not detract from the effectiveness of the written communication.Above all, you should show that as a graphic designer, you understand the functionality of a Graphic Designer CV as a document and are able to adopt a design approach that respects what the CV is intended to do.It's very likely that, in a large organisation that a Graphic Design CV will be passed to various staff, including human resources, who are not looking at your creativity but your suitability for the job in terms of experience, qualifications, skills, etc.


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