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It should also consider the deeper meaning in the relationships.When writing an essay on Harry Potter, you will need to start with an introduction on the book.This is where you should provide details on the book as well as the Harry Potter adventure.Harry and Professor Dumbledore are completely good.On the other hand Voldemort is totally evil just like his death eaters.The following listing of essays is in reverse chronological order — the more recent essays are listed first.Since the original essay ‘Harry’s Dreams’ was written by Steve Vander Ark in 2006, there have been quite a few new pieces of canon writing from J K Rowling.Read More Professor Lupin‘s first class with the third-year Gryffindors covers boggarts, which shapeshift into a form that the person who encounters it will find the most frightening.As humans grow and age, they compile more experiences, which result in unique personalities, a deeper capacity for emotions, and more…However, they are all included in our collection as an archive of fan thinking and speculation during those exciting years.You can find all those essays, plus new ones as they get published, listed here.


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