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Homework Chart Template-52
While they are working I quickly circulate and enter absentees, tardies & points for homework on the plastic sheet covering my seating chart.

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When I started as an MBA student at UCLA Anderson, I was surprised and eventually overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities I had to manage.

Multi-tasking was something I had always considered a skill of mine, but I soon realized that I couldn’t track all of my tasks just by memory.

The template also tells them how many of my answers will be WRONG.

(I already have an answer key on a post-it attached to the prepared overhead.) Students check their answers against mine (I read the answers from the overhead as I slide a cover sheet down) and tell which are the correct answers, and which are wrong.

If you have more than 8 total commitments, I would suggest combining some of the less intense commitments into one entry.

If you have fewer than 8 commitments, input the word “(blank)” or some other generic text in your unused slots. Each class / commitment (outside of the blank ones) must have a unique name for the template to work properly.While it may seem like a minor attribute, there’s something fulfilling about checking a box or crossing out an item once you’ve completed a task.The Homework Tracker template replicates both of these processes in a digital format.The reason for this is fairly simple – during your first quarter you fall behind in your classes.Even those of us who are used to getting straight A’s in our undergraduate courses will have difficulty balancing school work with networking, recruiting, social events, and club leadership positions.Students without homework learn VERY quickly to do the homework.Sometimes I teach a new lesson first and leave the HW quiz until the end with a new concept question included as a bonus.The tracker was built on a series of lookup formulas and significant conditional formatting.Please follow the Excel category on my website if you’d like additional information on those subjects.There were a couple of key themes that went into the design of this tool.The first of which is having vertical lists for all of your classes.


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