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6/10 All DVD screen captures are presented in their original size from the source disc.Images have been compressed slightly to conserve space.And since the film is 3 hours long that doesn't leave much room for supplements. The big supplements are the two audio commentaries.

But it's also worth watching just to remind you how much better the show was when Gene was on it. You get a music video of the film's title song, made to promote the film's soundtrack.

You also get two theatrical trailers, one which was made to appeal to the "heartstrings" of white Middle-America and another to appeal to young African-American males.

Both talk about what it was like being followed around, and even touch on how the film, after its release, has changed their lives (they get recognized constantly.) They both talk about themselves currently and also appear to have no regrets about not making the NBA.

And another wonderful thing is they constantly expand on scenes in the film, getting into more detail about their families and their relationships with them (William talking more about his father is a great little addition, as he ends up adding more to that captured reunion.) Some scenes actually come off differently after listening to the commentary.

From what I listened to it was definitely an excellent track as the three talked about the shoot and it gives an excellent insight into the making of the film.

The second commentary is, I'm happy to say, just as good.I listened to about over an hour of each one, skipping through using the index of the commentary tracks that Criterion has set up (oh how I wish every company did this.) But I can safely say that based on the just over two-hours in total I spent on the commentaries that these are both excellent commentaries, or I just got lucky and hit all the good parts.I am definitely coming back to them when I get the chance.It features the subjects of the film, Arthur Agee and William Gates.It's presented in an interesting way, with Arthur coming from the front right speaker, and William from the left.6/10 Considering this is a bigger release from Criterion (a well known documentary that actually did pretty well, licenced from a bigger studio, New Line, and considered by many one of the best films of the 90's) the selection of supplements put together here is rather disappointing.I would have hoped for a two-disc set, but nope, it's a single disc.While Criterion has inexplicably done interlaced transfers in the past for films where it doesnt make sense, in this case it might have to do with the fact the film was shot on video, so it may not have been something they could have fixed.So in the end it looks like youre still watching a video cassette, and theres some blurriness and other artifacts present because of this.While this is definitely the best the film has looked, it has a few issues, the big one being the fact its interlaced.This of course presents all sorts of issues, including ghosting and jagged edges just to name a few.


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