How Taekwondo Changed My Life Essay

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I'm not saying that things don't need work but I've started to develop confidence in myself.

I know with continued training that I will improve.

We were purple belts, right at the mid-point of our training.

We could not believe that when we went into these schools on the other side of the earth, and the Master called out a command in Korean, that we knew exactly what to do!

Additionally, I have also learned how to develop ki energy within my body and how to meditate better.

Lastly and most importantly, I developed a knowledge of the rich history of taekwondo and Korean culture, the breadth of which I would not have been able to learn anywhere else.Most important to me is the strong sense of connection between our practice and the history of Taekwondo.Through our direct inheritance from Grandmaster Chun to the Korean masters preceding him, Master Cook ensures that our training enshrines history in our practice, rather than obscures it.Suddenly during training this past week, when I ki-hap, I feel the energy resonating through me. I believe that I am finally ready to begin my journey as black belt." Carolyn Cunningham - 1st Dan Balck Belt"Overtime, the school in Clifton dissolved and I once again sought to continue expand my practice of taekwondo.I decided to attend Chosun Taekwondo Academy because I wanted to learn Traditional Taekwondo.I know that I will stick to the martial arts for probably the rest of my life, thanks to Master Cook." Nelson Gaillard - 1st Dan Black Belt"I have truly enjoyed this time as a bodan.While my time at Chosun has been brief, I have learned a plethora of information in regards to the art, techniques, philosophy, and history of Taekwondo.Through the instruction of Master Cook and the Chosun Instructors, I have learned new kicking and hand techniques in addition to improving the techniques that I have learned over the years.To the black belt candidate, this adds meaningfulness to the endeavor far beyond recreation and sport." Mark Rodenburg-1st Dan Black Belt"As I look back upon my life as a martial artist, I think about my first obstacle, the staircase. I huffed an puffed to the top wearing my brand new white Dobok, I was very excited and hoped the staircase would be the biggest obstacle I would have to face. One of my most challenging moments was when I switched from Kick Start to the regular class.I couldn't have been more wrong." Fiona Dunn - 1st Dan Black Belt"One of my most happy moments was at my Dodan belt test. I was very worried that it would take many tries, but I ended up breaking the wood on my very first try. It was scary because there were so many people I did not know and many students were better than me.


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