How To Solve Marriage Problems

How To Solve Marriage Problems-63
The tricky thing is to find that agreement between the wife and the son on some of the wishes of the mother in law.

The tricky thing is to find that agreement between the wife and the son on some of the wishes of the mother in law.

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The issues can exist for years before the daughter in law finally decides to speak out and confront the mother in law.

When it gets to this point, then it becomes evident that there is a lot of intolerable stress and heartbreak.

This is because many of the conflicts arise from the mother having a strong influence over the son.

The best approach for the husband is to make the agreements on the wife’s terms and not on the terms of the parents and reach an agreeable compromise.

The son must also set boundaries that he communicates appropriately to the parents during the family get together such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays or other events.

How To Solve Marriage Problems

The son should let the mother in law know if the couple is staying with the parents during the celebrations and he is the one who determines the duration of this period.When you and your husband are setting the boundaries expect the mother in law to push back.However, strive to develop a healthy line of communication with his parents that works best for everyone.It means a lot to them to teach them something or tell them interesting stories on a wide range of issues from their era to what they see in the new generations.In the end, neither the mother in law nor daughter in law need to love and agree with each other all the time, but they have to treat each other with courtesy and respect.This is why the couples should have a healthy relationship with the parents to establish strong generational relationships.It is a win-win situation as your children grow up interacting with their grand parents and great grand parents.In actual fact, he will be setting a time that suits the needs of the couple and not just his own or those of his parents.The mother in law can put the daughter in law through a great deal of stress and friction.The question many people ask is whether the son should keep on putting up with his parent’s bias and harassment of his wife.It is at this point that even the wife can conclude that the parents are more important to the son than her services.


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