How To Write A Reasearch Paper

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These are some hints for starting Ph D students on how to write papers.It is assumed of course that you have some results worth presenting (as no amount of good writing can cover up a lack of content).You can then start creating the research paper structure next. This is one of the best ways for you to start pouring your ideas into paper without the need to worry about making everything perfect.

How you write depends on the journal/type of reader you are addressing.

Also, keep in mind some role models people you know or famous papers.

by Professor Shahn Majid The style and format of research papers varies from subject to subject (and indeed journal to journal).

This guide is aimed at students in the mathematical sciences.

The shorter the abstract, usually the more powerful the results.

So the challenge is to keep it concise while at the same time conveying the key results and ideas behind the paper.There are simple steps on how you can write a research paper.First and foremost, you need to select a topic for your research paper as it is always the first step in creating one.Many readers and (sad to say) quite possibly the referee will not get past the introduction.So it should be beautifully written with much work.You should try in the introduction to cover the following checklist. Don't be ashamed or too proud to admit and reference the previous work ('the shoulders of giants') which inspired and led up to your result.This should recall to the reader why the kind of result mentioned already in the abstract would be interesting and important. A good way is to tell a story, an interesting one that puts everything into perspective re the existing literature and conveys how it is you succeeded where others failed. It should not reflect the actual historical progress of your research (which may have been long and winding) but rather based on how your thinking should have gone with the benefit of hindsight.Up to a quarter of the manuscript might reasonably be taken up by the introduction and the preliminaries.Most people find it easier once they get onto the mathematics itself.In picking a topic, ensure it is something that is interesting for you and that there will be lots of available information and sources about it. It is defined as an essay which advances an original perspective as result of the research.The thesis must be the center of the research paper and all information gathered for the paper must focus on this it. You need to gather research supporting your thesis and make a case that your viewpoint is indeed correct.


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