How To Write Topic Proposal

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Simply put, a proposal essay identifies a problem and suggests a solution to that problem.

However, here are a few common components (and some dos and don’ts!

) to consider when you’re narrowing down proposal essay topics to find the perfect match.

DO: Choose a topic with some big, juicy facts you can sink your teeth into.

For example, how to fund more educational television like Sesame Street, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and the Magic School Bus is a topic where you can still talk about television, but in a structured, fact-based way.

You’ll be able to tell if an argument has one side because you won’t actually be able to write a proposal essay about it.

It would turn into either a process essay or an argumentative essay (and not a very good one, at that).

This will make citations much easier, especially if you’re referencing books and articles from the library.

Because proposal essays are a type of argumentative essay, you want to be sure the essay is worthy of an argument.

Bonus Tip: When you’re researching, make sure to take good notes.

Include the bibliographic information and the page number you found the information on.


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