Human Skeleton Essay

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These two form a pivot joint that allows the head and neck to move freely.

It is the smallest and most vulnerable vertebrae of the vertebrae column but it is the most important because it sends signal to the thoracic from the head.

A skeleton has got five different job roles which are: Blood production.

Movement Shape Protection DIAGRAM: BACK FRONT (@Google) There are two major systems of bones in the human body which are Axial & Appendicular skeleton. It is comprised of eight cranial and fourteen facial bones.

The discs that lie between these vertebrae produce a concave curve in the back.

Sacral vertebrae (five) – these are fused to form the sacrum.

HUMAN SKELETON – is the internal structure that holds the human body up and with the help of the muscular system allows us to move, also works to protect the delicate and vital organs found inside it from being damaged.

At birth the human skeleton is made up of 275 different bones and as the body matures some of these bones start to fuse together leaving only 206 bones in an adult human.

(@Google) APPENDICULAR SKELETON – it is for movement/leverage, shape, and blood production.

It can also sometimes take part in protection Consists of 126 bones makes body movement possible and protects the organs of digestion, excretion, and reproduction.


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