Hypertension Thesis Statement

Moreover, 56.10% of patients who were aware of their illness and 40.91% of unaware patients were male (p-value As presented in Tables 2, 27.79% of people who were not aware of their disease and 29.24% of people who had already been informed of their illness were adherence to the good lifestyle group.

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A total of 2577 patients, with a mean age of 40.80 years (95% confidence interval: 40.60–41.01), were enrolled into the study.

Baseline characteristics of participants were shown in Table 1. Those who were aware of their disease were older and less educated.

The results show that aware patients were more adherences to healthier lifestyle than those who were not aware.

However, this significance finding is not true for physical activity.

There are some studies reporting that the awareness of hypertension can affect people’s lifestyle and results in changes.

As stated above, some studies have reported changes in lifestyles after being informed of the disease; this finding may be attributed to a number of reasons.

Moreover, adherence to good lifestyle is significantly higher in those who were aware without using antihypertensive medication (30.52% vs. We also found that the prevalence of good lifestyle among patients with controlled hypertension is significantly higher than those who did not control his/her hypertension (32.54% vs. In people who were taking antihypertensive medication, adherence to healthy lifestyle did not have any significant relationship with the control of hypertension.

The results of this study showed that awareness of hypertension did not improve people’s lifestyle.

Based on the results of such studies, there is a significant difference between those aware of their illness and those unaware of their illness in terms of salt and alcohol consumption and smoking, but there is no significant difference between the two groups in terms of other lifestyle risk factors.

In a study conducted in Korea and Spain, it was found that people who were aware of their hypertension, as compared with those who were not aware of their illness, consumed less salt and smoked less frequently.


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