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Nothing would accompany him but some old parts of Robots and maybe some new ones.

” The rest of the movie has a bunch of action and fighting scenes to make it more exciting...

It is very realistic and makes the viewers think about many “what if” questions.

The story I Robot was a scientific book that is based on a planet that was run by robots.

They helped around the house, ran errands and also provided protection for the families they worked for without harming other humans.

Before he experienced a tragedy, he used to be a normal person, but now he seems to 3. Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s debut novel Frankenstein or The modern Prometheus.

A robot can protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.” With the help of Dr. This is a back-breaking job because his adversaries are always one step ahead. […] Frankenstein […]” That is the key sentence of the whole movie. Alfred Lanning created those robots to help humanity with its daily chores and fulfill his dreams. In this narrative Victor Frankenstein has a passion for science and a consuming interest in life principals.

These creatures feel itself as a stranger in the society and misunderstood.

But even if the stories have the same beginning they are presented in a different way.

That showed that that the main character in this story was correct in thinking that the Robots would at some point lose it and start to revolutionize.

When the main character had words with the virtual spirit of the murdered professor he was in some instances warned. Many clues foretold this event but no one saw it but him.


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