Importance Literacy Essay

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People with digital literacy are therefore more likely to be economically stable as compared to those who are illiterate in regards to digital technology (Bawden and Robinson, 2008).

Countries with the high level of digital literacy, e.g.

The companies are requiring employees who must be proficient with the digital technology.

Job recruiters mostly look for potential employees in the internet.

Looking at this audience full of my friends and of supporters of the Center, and I feel very humble.

And grateful to be here with you, and to know that you are here because you want to see the Center succeed with our very important mission of spreading the message of media literacy. So in reflecting about what to share with you today, I decided to step back and ask myself, "Why is media literacy so important to me?None of us in the investor club had experience in the stock market.But today, some of these same women are handling their own portfolios, and even the portfolios for their family. Because being media literate means being able to access, analyze, and evaluate information, which we receive through media.A number of years ago I helped found an investor club for a group of women here in Los Angeles.It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.China are doing well in terms of economy while the countries with low level of digital literacy are struggling with their economy, e.g. Digital literacy has had major impacts on the education sector (Bawden and Robinson, 2008).Students need to get information on the current technological advancements in the world.I'm grateful for this opportunity to be of service. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois and has consulted and published in the organization development/change management field for major corporations.Computer literacy in the work place requires prove through numerous certifications (EDC, 2005).It reinforces that expectation that, if we are responsible, others should exercise responsibility, as well.It assumes that learning is a lifelong process that doesn't just take place through textbooks or in certain demographic areas.


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