Influential People Essay

I mean when I think about it, who has a home this big by the age of 22?

Let alone come from another country and learn everything on his own.

As with the college admissions essay, you need to make sure a response reveals your own interests, passions, personality, and character.

The details of this essay need to reveal that you are the type of person who will contribute to the campus community in a positive way.

With the pre-2013 Common Application, one of the essay prompts stated, "Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence." While you won't find this question among the seven 2017-18 Common Application essay prompts, the current application still allows you to write about an influential person with the "topic of your choice" option.

Some of the other prompts also leave the door open for writing about an influential person.

Here is a 16 year old boy who emigrated from Mexico, and worked so hard doing construction work.

In about 5 years or so he managed to buy a 4 bedroom home.

Your essay will be partly about the influential person, but it is equally about you.

To understand someone's influence on you, you need to understand yourself — your strengths, your short-comings, the areas where you still need to grow.


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