Informal Letter Essay About Health

As the saying goes,a friend in need is a friend indeed. As the saying goes,early to bed early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.Last but not least,we should do regular medical checkup.The reason is that your statement is apart of your larger application which already has your name throughout it.

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A balanced diet will provide nutrients and energy needed by our body. We should also consume carbohydrates in right amount.

We should follow 'eat to live' concept but not 'live to eat' concept.

We can treat disease or illness early if we detect them early. In a nutshell,a good health is required to live happily on this world. We need to follow these steps to maintain a good health.

Some diseases such as cancer and kidney stones could be cured if we detect them early.

They are several ways on how we can maintain a good health.

First and foremost,we should do exercise at least twice a week. We will perspire when we do exercise and this will help to excrete toxins from our body.

The following statement of purpose format offers some general direction so you can start getting ideas and get to writing.

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We should reduce the consumption of fatty,salty and sweet food. An ordinary man should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Water is also important in maintaining blood concentration and transporting blood to all parts of the body.

We should also drink water to prevent constipation. Friends are the one who can entertain us when we are depressed.


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