Injection Mould Thesis

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Four parameters that have been investigated; injection pressure, clamping pressure, back pressure and holding pressure.

A concept of design of experiment (DOE) has been applied using Taguchi method to determine the suitable parameters.

It is found that the optimum parameters setting that have been obtained were inject...

Plastic products formation process duration is the important parameter of technological injection molding.

The diagram contains the whole set of possible parameters (sample space).

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Having chosen rational parameters for optimum duration achievement of formation process, it is offered to formalize them by means of information model. The material selected for this project is polypropylene. The selected parameters in this experiment were barrel temperature, holding pressure, injection velocity and injection holding.On the basis of the Venn diagram, an information model is proposed for the duration of the plastic products molding process by injection molding.The information model can be the basis for a mathematical model that will enable the development of a module for molding process automated control.The appropriate parameters were adjusted to reduce the warpage defect on the tensile test specimen of...more The optimization of processing parameters on warpage of polypropylene (PP) in the application of injection moulding machine was studied.The most influential factor, that affecting warpage is holding pressure with 33.68% of the contribution.In the other hand, injection holding with 44.25% of contribution, need to be closely monitored if the manufacturer needs to control shrinkage.The design of experiment shall implement Taguchi Method L 9 3 4 Orthogonal Array.Signal to Noise Ratio shall be calculated to define the best combination of parameter settings for each formulation.


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